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UNAbotanica natural beauty

Redesign, Venezuela

Venezuelan Beauty
Venezuela is no stranger to international beauty pageants and with 16 'Miss' winners, it could almost be counted as a sport. With beauty in their blood, Adriana and Ana from Caracas decided to capitalize on this national treasure. Five years ago, they set up natural cosmetics brand "UNAbotanica".

Eco make-up
UNAbotanica seeks to harmonize outer beauty and inner well being by basing their products on Mediterranean, Ayurvedic and Celtic traditions. All cosmetics are handmade from natural ingredients, such as ecological herbs, oils and flower essences. But for UNAbotanica, the cosmetics business in Venezuela is tough even though Venezuela ranks as the world's number one cosmetics consumer. UNAbotanica might be the Venezuelan frontrunner in natural cosmetics, but well-known international brands dominate the shelves and leave little room for competition. Another good reason to put this company in the spotlight and promote their products.

Good for nature, good for you

Besides using only natural ingredients, UNAbotanica also designs and produces ecological packaging by choosing environmentally friendly materials which can be re-used. And if you would like to know more, do not hesitate to attend one of Ana and Adriana's workshops which inform, educate and show that beauty truly does come naturally. Also be sure to visit their website using the link on the right!