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The Final Week through Panama

Posted by Fin on 10 March 2010

After many border crossings we had become quite relaxed about getting the camera out to film. Unfortuantely when the Panama Customs officials got sight of the $8000 camera they decided we needed a good searching. Asides an extra hour at the border and having to repack all my gear the inspection proved fairly uneventful and we rode off into our final country of the journey.


Immediately we hit thunderstorms, head winds and undulating hills. We had made the mistake of thinking we had finished but we soon realised we still had 400km of the Pan American Highway to do, a long and tedious highway road. If the roads weren't bad enough we got attacked twice by swarms of killer bees which didnt do much to help our motivation. Alex was hit the worst with about 15 stings and I got off lightly with 3 - fortunately we weren't allergic.


But with only a few day to go, we were crossed by Paul and Eric again who we had first met in Oaxaca Mexico - it reminded us of just how far we had come and the enormity of the trip. It gave us the extra boost to get to the end. Next post - Crossing the Canal

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  • YOU GUYS ARE SO CLOSE!! Way to go Fin and Alex. What an adventure, what an incredible experience you've had. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy your final spins.

    Posted by Jessie Luna on 10/03/2010 8:56pm (8 years ago)

  • and what kind of bikes do paul and eric have? huh? huh?
    sorry about the bees. glad about your travels. still hard to believe how far you have gone!

    Posted by deborah hallen on 10/03/2010 1:40am (8 years ago)

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