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The Carrotmob

Redesign, USA

What Is Carrotmob?

Carrotmob is a type of consumer activism in which businesses compete at how socially responsible and environmentally friendly they can be. Following this, a network of consumers spends money to support whichever business makes the strongest offer. Carrotmob harnesses consumer power to make it possible for the most socially-responsible business practices to also be the most profitable choices. It’s the opposite of a boycott.


The Idea

It’s easier to understand if you look at an example: In the first-ever Carrotmob event, a liquor store agreed to invest in upgrades that made their store more energy-efficient. In exchange, hundreds of Carrotmobbers showed up at once to support the winning store. With over 80 campaigns worldwide (they are not only located in New York), this model is proven to work on a small scale. Next, Carrotmob is going to expand their network until they can apply the same method to larger companies. The benfit is that Carrotmob picks out the businesses which they see as being eligible, making it a win-win situation: the company doesn't have to do anything they don't want to do, and they might end up getting more customers, whereas the customers get to help the environment in a way they feel is useful, and they don't have to buy anything they wouldn't ordinarily buy.



Carrotmob have a very informative and amusing website promoting their campaigns and their opinions. Click on the link to the right to discover more about this exciting organisation.