Team South America

from Colombia to Argentina

Two teams of two people have been selected.
They started their trip in August 2009 and
finish in March 2010.

Cycling thousands of miles they will lead us into the
unknown. Covering both North and South America (Alaska-Panama, Colombia-Argentina), they will record their journeys. Meeting different kinds of people in diverse environments and looking for answers to today's vital questions. Unsustainable practices have a direct effect on people and animals. What are these effects?

  • ├ůsa Brandhill, Sweden

    veterinary surgeon

    Åsa Brandhill (1979) Born in the little village of Sandhem in Sweden,  grew up surrounded by forests, lakes and animals.

    When she was 13 years old she set out on her first bicycle journey and rode 300 kilometres to visit her father. With 18 she rode solo in Mexico and Central America. Since then, she has made journeys across Europe, Asia, and Africa. After finishing her studies in veterinary science, she is currently working as a veterinary surgeon in Sweden.

    During my bicycle journeys through Europe and Africa, I have seen rapid environmental degradation over the years and the impact that this has on the life of so many people. With Javier, whom I met in Jordan in 2001, we have made many bicycle trips and I am convinced that the Going South will give us the opportunity to show all the people who are doing their best to change .''

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  • Javier Godar, Spain

    Environmental Engineer

    Javier Godar (1977). Born and raised in Spain, Javier has been a bicycle traveler since the age of 15.  He has traveled all over the world on bicycle and has completed many trips in Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

    After he studied Forestry and Environmental Engineering, he specialized in tropical studies and spent the last four years researching the deforestation of the Amazon and analyzing the potential of different socio-economic models for sustainable development.

    ''I think that my environmentally conscious upbringing plays an important part in my wish to participate in this exciting and wonderful journey. I want to show not only the appalling environmental issues, but also the social problems in the many regions that we will pass through. I am convinced that this project will make it possible to show all the small, and mostly anonymous, environmental projects that are contributing to a better world. They deserve to be heard. ''

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  • Ortlieb

    The water proof bags of Ortlieb have been tested on numerous expeditions. So it is a logical choice when it comes to durability and usability. As one of the founding member of the “Association for Conservation" of the European Outdoor Group, Ortlieb is a perfect fit for the bikers of Going South.

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  • Panasonic

    Panasonic worlds biggest broadcast supplier coops together with us in Going South. We will film the whole project on the solid state P2 technology and come back home with the highest quality. Each of the biking teams will have a Panasonic HVX-171 P2 Solid State HD Camcorder.

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  • KLM

    KLM takes social responsibility seriously. It is their ambition to lead by example. Their action plan consists of: Reduce, control and compensate. By reduction on the ground and in the air by a modern fleet. Any compensation is done by Gold  Standard projects.

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  • La Cie

    LaCie worlds leading disk manufacturer provides us with their rugged bus powered mobile 500GB hard drives. For a secure backup system we can simply make no compromises and only work with the best.

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  • Sportson

    Sportson is the bicycle shop of reference in Sweden, with 21 shops and a great online shop. They offer all kind of bikes and related products, from the very basic commuter to the more exclusive racers. Their shop in Jonköping sponsors us with material for long bike touring, spare parts and fine clothes.

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  • RAM Nordic

    R-A-M is the revolutionary universal ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything anywhere. RAM's family of more than 1500 interchangeable mounting accessories will offer you solutions to your most challenging mounting problems.

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  • Tubus

    The tubus racks and lowriders have been a trusted companion of us and numerous other cycling adventurers for the last 15 years. They make indestructible carriers, and they are so sure that offer to replace them on route if you have any problem. Wherever you are in the world... but we know we won´t need to.

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  • Katadyn

    The Swiss Katadyn Group is the world’s Number One in water purification systems and products. they offer a wide variety of products, allowing outdoor enthusiasts and travelers to take along products for making their own drinking water. Even in the Amazon!

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  • Big Agnes

    ISO Active provided both teams with Big Agnes tents. Big Agnes make compact light weight tents that are perfect for a bike tour.

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  • PAG

    With PAG batteries we film the world. From high altitude mountains into dense and humid jungles. PAG always gives us what we need. Also in our new series PAG will help us through the 21500 miles from Alaska to Argentina.

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  • Z-Reklam

    Z-Reklam is dedicated to visual communication covering a broad array of advertising and marketing needs for many Scandinavian brands.  They are also producing logos, t-shirts, decals, posters and all kind of marketing items. They kindly help us to make our sponsors visible.

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  • Digitransfer

    Design it yourself online: T-shirt, Bodywear, Cap, Canvas cloth, flag, banner and bumper sticker. Digitransfer is specialized in printing personalized t-shirts and other products. Your own design and pictures on bodywear, caps, flags, banners, bumper stickers and canvas cloth.

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  • Peli Case

    Peli Products, is the global leader in the design and manufacture of virtually indestructible cases for protecting valuable equipment. Peli supports the production team of deepeei film productions with cases for cameras and other valuable equipment.

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  • Petrol Bags

    A Vitec Group brand, is the equipment protection solution for every production. Smartly designed CamWraps and Raincovers keep the valuable production equipment safe anywhere, even in extreme weather. Whether it's lighting, audio, support, or camera, Petrol Bags offers the ultimate equipment protection.

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  • Hier klimaatcampagne

    Hier (Dutch for ‘Here‘) is the name of a large Dutch climate program whose fundamental idea it is to stress the immediate necessity to implement adaptation projects and initiatives to climate change. This campaign involves national charity organisations, government and businesses.

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    This website is designed and developed by Internetbureau. At (which is the Dutch word for 'sustainable') we try to save energy as much as possible. We use renewable energy and offset remaining emissions in cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group.

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  • Magma

    Magma’s expansion systems offer a simple, economical way to expand the number of card slots in desktop/server, or to add slots to a laptop computer.  This allows a user to upgrade their graphics, networking, telephony, and other cards to a system without purchasing a new computer.

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  • K.S.C. satellite communications

    The crew is supported by the global satellite communications partner of KSC. KSC of the Netherlands provides all satellite communications systems possible: Iridium, Inmarsat BGAN, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Sirius, Panamsat, and Thuraya. So communications will not be a problem.

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  • Casa Andina

    Casa Andina kindly received us in their private collection hotels throughout Peru. They are the perfect blend of Peruvian history and modern-day vivacity. From a peaceful hide-away in bustling Lima to an 18th-century colonial manor house in Cusco, the hotels always inspire and relax.

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  • Utrikespolitiska Institutet

    The Swedish Institute of International Affairs is a public service institution, politically independent, for information and research about international political issues. They have kindly provided us with short and handy information about the countries that we are cycling through.

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  • Sachtler

    For a steady image we use tripods and heads from Sachtler. Great and perfectly adjustable. Sachtler offers camera support, lighting and studio technology for professional users in the fields of broadcast and film.

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