Team North America

from Alaska to Panama

Two teams of two people have been selected. 
They started their trip in August 2009 and
finish in March 2010.

Cycling thousands of miles they will lead us into the
unknown. Covering both North and South America (Alaska-Panama, Colombia-Argentina), they will record their journeys. Meeting different kinds of people in diverse environments and looking for answers to today's vital questions. Unsustainable practices have a direct effect on people and animals. What are these effects?

  • Alex Godfrey, United Kingdom

    Master in Biodiversity Conservation

    Alex Godfrey (1983) Alex was born in southern England but grew up in France. After school he travelled around the South Pacific working on a number of environmental projects.

    Alex has just like Fin worked on a conservation project studying coral reefs on a remote island in Fiji. He then went on to read a Bachelors on Zoology and Ecology and spent one year on an exchange to Oregon State University where he discovered his passion for mountain biking. Another year of travelling took him to France, Spain, Morocco and Canada where he undertook a number of mountaineering and climbing expeditions. On his return, Alex enrolled in a Masters in Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism and subsequently spent the next three years in Thailand and travelling around Asia studying elephant conservation.
    "I have an absolute passion for travelling and discovering new places. Engaging on such a long and exciting cycling trip is giving me the opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular sceneries this planet has to offer first hand and to gain a deep understanding of the environmental issues that these magnificent areas are facing."

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  • Andrew Finlay, United Kingdom

    Environmental advisor

    Andrew Finlay, better known as Fin (1977) grew up in the UK, and has been working on environmental and social issues his whole adult life in remote areas all over the World.

    He started off as an environmental manager helping local schools to become 'eco-schools' and later on embarked on a Masters of Tropical Coastal Management. This brought him all the way to the Philippines and, later, on to Fiji and, finally, the Marshall Islands. Here he became the advisor to the Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority.

    Appearing as a key witness in a High Court Case against a large construction company that caused environmental damage to the Island, he helped the Government win their first ever environmental case in the High Court and set a precedent for the prosecution of environmental crimes on the Marshall Islands.

    "Taking part in this journey is very special to me. During my work on the Marshall Islands I broke my leg very badly and it subsequently got seriously infected. It has been a long recovery; being selected for Going South marks a monumental moment in my life as, previously, doctors had told me that I may never use my leg again.

    I have dreamed for a long time about cycling from Alaska to Central America and Going South has given me the opportunity to make this dream a reality. My passions are travelling, helping protecting the environment and meeting people with the same interests. Travelling by bicycle enables me to see the world up close, while having a minimal impact on the environment."

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  • Ortlieb

    The water proof bags of Ortlieb have been tested on numerous expeditions. So it is a logical choice when it comes to durability and usability. As one of the founding member of the “Association for Conservation" of the European Outdoor Group, Ortlieb is a perfect fit for the bikers of Going South.

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  • Panasonic

    Panasonic worlds biggest broadcast supplier coops together with us in Going South. We will film the whole project on the solid state P2 technology and come back home with the highest quality. Each of the biking teams will have a Panasonic HVX-171 P2 Solid State HD Camcorder.

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  • KLM

    KLM takes social responsibility seriously. It is their ambition to lead by example. Their action plan consists of: Reduce, control and compensate. By reduction on the ground and in the air by a modern fleet. Any compensation is done by Gold  Standard projects.

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  • La Cie

    LaCie worlds leading disk manufacturer provides us with their rugged bus powered mobile 500GB hard drives. For a secure backup system we can simply make no compromises and only work with the best.

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  • Digitransfer

    Design it yourself online: T-shirt, Bodywear, Cap, Canvas cloth, flag, banner and bumper sticker. Digitransfer is specialized in printing personalized t-shirts and other products. Your own design and pictures on bodywear, caps, flags, banners, bumper stickers and canvas cloth.

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  • Oundle schoolclub

    The Old Oundelian Club are pleased to sponsor Andrew's expedition - Going South - and wish him every success.

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  • Big Agnes

    ISO Active provided both teams with Big Agnes tents. Big Agnes make compact light weight tents that are perfect for a bike tour.

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  • Magma

    Magma’s expansion systems offer a simple, economical way to expand the number of card slots in desktop/server, or to add slots to a laptop computer.  This allows a user to upgrade their graphics, networking, telephony, and other cards to a system without purchasing a new computer.

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  • PAG

    With PAG batteries we film the world. From high altitude mountains into dense and humid jungles. PAG always gives us what we need. Also in our new series PAG will help us through the 21500 miles from Alaska to Argentina.

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  • Royal Haskoning

    Royal Haskoning provide a range of consulting services to both public and private organisations focusing on the sustainable interaction between people and their environment. Royal Haskoning is proud to support this extraordinary feat of endurance and exploration.

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  • Edinburgh Bicycle

    Edinburgh Bicycle now run 4 equally fine shops in Aberdeen, Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester, while offering a similar level of choice and service online. These stores are among the most innovative cycle shops in the country.

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  • Peli Case

    Peli Products, is the global leader in the design and manufacture of virtually indestructible cases for protecting valuable equipment. Peli supports the production team of deepeei film productions with cases for cameras and other valuable equipment.

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  • Patagonia Footwear

    Patagonia Footwear further their commitment to inspiring and implementing solutions to the environmental crisis, through sponsoring Andrew Finlay in his inspiring mission across the American Countries in search for eye opening ideas and eco initiatives.

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    This website is designed and developed by Internetbureau. At (which is the Dutch word for 'sustainable') we try to save energy as much as possible. We use renewable energy and offset remaining emissions in cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group.

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  • Petrol Bags

    A Vitec Group brand, is the equipment protection solution for every production. Smartly designed CamWraps and Raincovers keep the valuable production equipment safe anywhere, even in extreme weather. Whether it's lighting, audio, support, or camera, Petrol Bags offers the ultimate equipment protection.

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  • Hallfield School

    Hallfield School is the leading Independent School in Birmingham, founded in 1879.  It has excellent academic results with outstanding success at 11+. The ‘Old Hallfieldian Committee’ at the school are delighted to offer their support to Fin, an old pupil embarking on a life time adventure.

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  • The Aurora-Express

    The Aurora-Express is a Bed and Breakfast in Fairbanks, Alaska made out of authentic Alaska Railroad cars renovated to historical periods. Experience Fairbanks, Alaska in this nostalgic Bed & Breakfast overlooking greater Fairbanks, the Tanana Valley, & Alaska Mountain Range.

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  • K.S.C. satellite communications

    The crew is supported by the global satellite communications partner of KSC. KSC of the Netherlands provides all satellite communications systems possible: Iridium, Inmarsat BGAN, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Sirius, Panamsat, and Thuraya. So communications will not be a problem.

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  • Hier klimaatcampagne

    Hier (Dutch for ‘Here‘) is the name of a large Dutch climate program whose fundamental idea it is to stress the immediate necessity to implement adaptation projects and initiatives to climate change. This campaign involves national charity organisations, government and businesses.

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  • Sachtler

    For a steady image we use tripods and heads from Sachtler. Great and perfectly adjustable. Sachtler offers camera support, lighting and studio technology for professional users in the fields of broadcast and film.

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