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Peninsula Valdez- birthday without luggage

Posted by Åsa on 11 April 2010

For my birthday the 20th of december we had a wonderful rest from the cycling in our rainy and cold route next to the Andes. In Esquel we took a bus and crossed Argentina from west to east in a overnight bus to arrive the next morning in the warm and sunny Puerto Madryn at the Atlantic coast from where we went to Peninsula Valdez.


Peninsula Valdez is a known and important nature reserve and a world heritage site where it is easy to spot all kind of marine wildlife. To go there was a great birthday gift!!


Unfortunately it was not the season for the wales at the moment as they come to the waters around the peninsulabetween May and December to mate, give birth and impress the tourist with their high jumps out of the water in front of the boat.


We had three wonderful days walking and cycling on the peninsula. We saw penguins, sea lions, elephant seals and fur seals with great frequency and from very close. The best moment at the peninsula for me was when I had the oppurtunity to swim with a penguin, unfortunately I was so scared that a sea lion of 600 kilos would suddenly put his head out of the water infront of me, that I kept very close to the shore while the penguin tranquily swam some hundred meter further out in the water.

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