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packing up memories with Ortlieb

Posted by Suzanne on 10 February 2010

Thinking about what to bring on an 8000 km bike ride makes my mind boggle. Tents, sleeping bags, food, music, books, medical kits, bike repair kits, water filters and visas hastily fly around my cerebral cortex without so much as a touch-down. With all that folded, cramped and wrapped around a bike, I guess it’s rather unlikely there’s room for favorite outfits. Just a couple of socks, underwear, pants, t-shirts and sweaters will make sure that maximum baggage weight and space has been reached. But enter into that a Dutch production crew who hands you some cameras and external disks to document your adventures. How on earth are you going to make sure you and your gear are going to make it through unharmed?

As I found out through the course of all the blogs and footage, Ortlieb has to be the number one choice for adventurers all over. One of the founding members of the “Association for Conservation" of the European Outdoor Group, Ortlieb is and has been a perfect fit for the bikers of Going South. Their waterproof bags have been tested on numerous expeditions, so it’s a logical choice when it comes to durability and usability.

To be able to carry all the stuff we need for any trip we use panniers of Ortlieb; two on each side of the bike and one on the steer. The Panniers are very durable and water proof, so it will withstand the harsh conditions in different environments. The panniers are easy to attach and lock, so they won’t be an easy target for thieves.”

See, I wouldn’t have even thought of thieves….

Dear Javier, Fin, Alex and Asa, my sincerest admiration goes out to you. Two more months to go…I hope you make it through to the end safe and sound, with all your memories securely packed away.

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  • Hi Suzanne! Thanks for your warming words. Here we are going steady south and everyday since reaching Patagonia us and our panniers have to stand ever rougher weather... Not as cold as in Holland yet though ;-) All the best/ ├ůsa

    Posted by Asa on 16/02/2010 12:15pm (8 years ago)

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