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KLM aviation sustainability

Mobility, Mexico

A rapidly growing number of commercial business is starting to underline the importance of reducing their negative impact on the environment. KLM - the Royal Dutch Airlines - is an excellent example of a large scale company to implement their sustainable company policy. KLM, together with their partner Air France, has the intention to become the world leader in sustainable aviation.

Modern standard of global mobility
The airline sector is known for its polluting character. Should we not therefore try to avoid airplane travel at all times? The point is that modern citizens have adapted their lifestyle to a global mobility. It is hardly an option to simply banish all aircraft transport until a zero emission plane is invented. It is expected that in the next decade more and more people can and will travel by air. That is why in the meantime air travel emissions should be reduced as much as possible.

Multi-leveled sustainability 

KLM invests in the research for making the aircraft most energy efficient, and looks for new fuels. But apart from this KLM innovates on many different less obvious levels. The company's strategy lies not only in considering the plane itself, but for example also in thinking about the consequences of weight that each plane carries. When we consider the size of an aircraft fleet and the frequency with which they fly, seemingly small changes, such as the use of lightweight trolleys and blankets, can have a large impact. But you can also think about what is on the menu: From now on KLM only serves environmentally friendly caught fish.

Shared responsibility
Starting by giving a good example on sustainable innovation, KLM addresses their passengers as well. Responsibility and the possibly to make a difference also lies with the passenger. Hence, passengers are asked to think twice about the amount of luggage they take on their travels and are always offered to compensate the CO2 emissions of their flight.