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Hopping across Southern Honduras and into Nicaragua

Posted by Fin on 13 February 2010

We continued south from El Salvador into Southern Honduras with Nicholas and Emi. Travelling with them had been such a pleasure in El Salvador that we found excuses for it to continue as long as possible. By now border crossings had become a bit of a routine. Starting with a stop a few kms before the border to film, followed by the hectic bombardments of requests to change money from street exchange vendors, some anxiety at the immigration, followed by a hassle free passport stamping and immense satisfaction of making it into another wonderful country to explore.


The route south along the coast to Panama meant only a few days cycling in Honduras. I had previously travelled round Honduras in 2000 having worked on the Bay Islands and Alex and I both decided we preferred to spend more time in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We had a meeting in Leon, Nicaragua to make in 3/4 days time with Nuevas Esperanzas, a  Non Profit Organisation working on sustainable livelihoods in rural communities. So we pedalled on together through the southern arm of Honduras to the border.


So far my computer is reading over 11,000km - it would be a fair bit more if it worked in the not sure how much more we have pedalled....It feels amazing to have come so far, overcoming all the hurdles and challenges, especially as the furthest we had cycled in the past was just a few days here and there. We have come along way over the last 6 months. Now we are so close, the finish in Panama is constantly on my mind. I force myself to try and stop thinking about it, try and revel in the moment, the present, but its not easy. For me, completing this ride will be the greatest achievement of my life, coming back from almost losing my leg two years ago. I find myself unable to contain my excitement at the thought of completing the goal.


Small video below of cycling in convoy with Emi, Nicholas and Alex as we head into Nicaragua

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  • enjoy it mate, the home straight. you look like you are!P

    Posted by Pads on 14/02/2010 3:21am (8 years ago)

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