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gDiapers green parenting

Waste, USA

Disposable diapers

The average baby needs over 5000 diapers before it is toilet-trained. You can image what huge amount of plastics have been piled up in landfills across the globe since the highly convenient plastic diaper has been invented. The plastics remain and the human waste inside the diapers contaminate ground water.

Cradle to cradle your baby's poop
As parents, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye sought an alternative, but the messy and labor intensive cotton version was not a realistic option in the modern age. Luckily they found eco nappies already being made in Australia. This is a diaper with a fully biodegradable interior. Instead of throwing it in the waste bin, you can either flush it through the toilet or bury it in your back yard. Where the regular disposable diapers take 500 years to break down, the gDiapers take only 150 days to biodegrade and make an excellent fertilizer for rose gardens.

Family business
The Graham-Nye's loved the product and decided to launch it in the United States. Making a great effort in branding, they set an excellent example of how environmental friendly products can be undone of their dusty image. Costumers are excited to be a part of it all. As a result an entire community of gMums and gDads has sprung up, who volunteer to actively spread the word.