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Crossing into Rica

Posted by Alex on 20 February 2010

What a contrast... Looking back at our first few blogs up in Alaska and now, 2 weeks and 850 odd km from the end of our trip, I can hardly start to process all that we have seen and experienced. 

Crossing into Costa Rica, we immediately noticed how special this country is, not only for the generosity of the people but also for the quality of the natural environment. Like flipping a light switch, crossing into Costa Rica turned on all the bird song and the deafening drone of insects all around us. The trees shot up to staggering heights and we immediately found ourselves in the jungle. After a few miles, we suddenly realised that the real difference was the lack of garbage on the side of the road. Even though we had gotten used to the constant eyesores of smoldering plastic bags and PET bottles, the sudden disappearance of any form of pollution was an immediate relief.

Having chosen a slightly longer way down through Costa Rica, down the Nicoy peninsula, we were fortunate enough to get a real insight into small town "Tica" lifestyle and some fantastically unspoilt primary rainforest.

True to our fashion, we could not go too many days without a break, including swimming pool, beer and a lot of good food. Reconnecting with my Cornish ancestry, we stopped off with Chris and Andrea, a fantastic Cornish couple that have set up Discovery Horse Tours, a very reputable ecotourism venture in Playa Hermosa on the Pacific Coast. Two days of relaxing and exploring the jungle has recharged our batteries for the final push, the last 850km to THE END!!!! not long now....    

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  • Wow, some nice pics Alex!!!

    Posted by Menno on 25/02/2010 9:20pm (8 years ago)

  • you are an inspiration - I wuld like to tie a hundred yellow ribbons on the panama bridge to greet you- how we wish we could be there!

    Posted by ralph and tricia on 24/02/2010 5:30am (8 years ago)

  • How great that Costa Rica is eco friendly - sounds so fantastic you won't want to go to Panama !!

    Posted by ralph and tricia on 21/02/2010 9:15pm (8 years ago)

  • What a wonderful trip/adventure/ now back to Aequinox for a rest? A bientot.

    Posted by vivien on 21/02/2010 8:34pm (8 years ago)

  • We are really going to miss this wonderful "arm chair" experience thanks to the sheer endurance and courage of you four young people. Bravo, bravo, bravo. Would you consider doing a return journey so that we can see it all again ????

    Posted by Deidier Family on 21/02/2010 7:49pm (8 years ago)

  • So glad you managed to meet up and stay with Chris & Andrea. They are a fantastic couple. Well done boys, you're doing so well. xx

    Posted by Lisa B on 21/02/2010 9:49am (8 years ago)

  • Hey guys, good to hear you're enjoying Costa Rica. Not long now till the end! Keep eating boiled eggs!

    Posted by Martin Emo on 20/02/2010 4:50pm (8 years ago)

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