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Cardboard Eco Restbox

Redesign, Argentina

Although Death is a tough subject and many of us squirm away and choose not to think or even talk about it, if you’re going to have a final statement, why not make it a green one?  Take leave of planet Earth in a cardboard coffin.

Why a cardboard coffin?
The commonly used coffin is made of wood. In Britain alone 80% are buried in a wooden coffin and most people still prefer to be buried than cremated. Using an alternative obviously makes sense, as it avoids rare tropical hardwoods being felled and carted halfway around the world for a coffin that would be seen for only a few hours. So if green is your style, you can opt for the bamboo casket, a moss-lined woven willow nest or even a sack. But if you like a bit of tradition with your green, the cardboard box is the ultimate solution.

Who makes cardboard coffins?
Restbox is a company based in Argentina, who tapped into the answer of a growing need for sustainable solutions in a modern world. By working exclusively with recyclable raw materials, they have developed a controlled production process, which ensures that the cardboard coffins cause minimal damage to our natural environment. The boxes can be made as a complete replica of the traditional wooden one; it’s just lighter and easier to assemble and importantly, it’s water resistant.

Restbox is not the only one to make cardboard coffins, as many providers are popping up worldwide. As Restbox states: Is there any reason for cutting down a tree in the 21st century? Our guess is as good yours.