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Boeing Dreamliner Aircraft

Mobility, USA

In the largest building in the world – the Boeing factory in Everett -  the new Dreamliner aircrafts are being constructed. The 787 model is 20% more fuel efficient than todays aircrafts of this size. It is the first airplane that has its major part made of a lightweight and recyclable composite material. After an average lifespan of thirty years, it is to be deconstructed and the composite to be used to make automobile parts.

Fuel use reduction
We speak with Boeings director of environmental performance Jeanne Hu. She tells that there is no single solution to reduce the impact of an aircraft on the environment. If you want to make a significant improvement you will have to modify several properties of the plane at the same time. Because every pound of burned fuel creates three pounds of Co2, the main focus lies with fuel use reduction.

Adapted body, wings and engines
The plane has been made more fuel efficient by mainly the following three measures: Firstly, by the development of a material that is strong enough to hold pressure difference in the air and at the same time is as lightweight as possible. Secondly, after extensive computer modeling and testing in wind turbines the wings have a distinct curved shape to improve its aerodynamics. And thirdly, Boeing selected GE motors and Rolls Royce to develop efficient engines to contribute 8% of the fuel savings.

So far, over 850 Dreamliners have been ordered by airlines all over the world.