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packing up memories with Ortlieb

Posted by Suzanne on 10 February 2010

Thinking about what to bring on an 8000 km bike ride makes my mind boggle. Tents, sleeping bags, food, music, books, medical kits, bike repair kits, water filters and visas hastily fly around my cerebral cortex without so much as a touch-down. With all that folded, cramped and wrapped around a bike, I guess it’s rather unlikely there’s room for favorite outfits. Just a couple of socks, underwear, pants, t-shirts and sweaters will make sure that maximum baggage weight and space has been reached. But enter into that a Dutch production crew who hands you some cameras and external disks to document your adventures. How on earth are you going to make sure you and your gear are going to make it through unharmed?


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Pretty Peru: Casa Andina

Posted by Suzanne on 15 October 2009

After a grueling 18-hour-flight we finally arrived in Peru. After filming the North team in Canadian winter deserts, the balmy climate made for a warm welcome. But even in Peru there was hardly any time to rest. From filming the Minister of Environment in Lima to two fantastic projects around Cusco and a full day at Machu Picchu, we hit the road every day. Exhausting, yes, but such is the life of a dedicated film crew - work long hours and live it on a shoestring. Though sometimes there’s an exception to the rule.


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