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Posted by Javier on 22 October 2009

Before leaving Venezuela we decided to film 2 “projects”. We actually call them like that due to our very limited English. They could be considered realities we film, where we interview some people, just because the place impacts us. Obviously the goal is not to film in a professional way (since we are far from being professionals), and we don´t spend several days informing ourselves about the situation and planning the takes. We just enter, film as best as we can, we offer our impressions in front of the camera and we interview some local people that give light on the topic.
The first such place (project) was a rubbish dump, although during the footage we called it “rubbish place”. I know it sounds ridiculous, but we did not have our dictionary handy, and probably with the hurries we wouldn´t have bothered to check it anyway.


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