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Preparations and arrival in Bogota

Posted by Javier on 2 August 2009

We were selected for Going South in December 2008, but in that moment we were not sure when we could start the trip. The people of deepeei understood that we could not start until late summer, probably September.  Asa worked as a veterinary surgeon for the Swedish State, and I was also in Sweden trying to finish a PhD thesis that I started back in 2005.


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Last day at work

Posted by Asa on 3 July 2009

Ever since Fin and Anna started out on their adventure I have frequently been checking their posts and comments with an ever growing wish to be out there on the road again myself. With all the freedom on the bike, the unpredicatble patternless lifestyle and the genuine basic satisfaction for the human being to get back to her roots as a nomad, immensly tempting me.


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Last stages of preparation

Posted by Fin on 6 June 2009

One week to go. Where did all the time go? I haven't stopped since returning from film and camera training witrh the deepeei team in the Netherlands. Today I picked up my bike box and have been practising stripping down my bike for the flights. I head out on Friday morning to Prague where I will meet up with Anna, have a night there then head off Saturday morning to Frankfurt and then onto Seattle and finally Anchorage.


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