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The Trans-Alaska Pipeline and Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Prince William Sound

Posted by Fin on 26 August 2009

Saying goodbye to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, as we turned east towards the Yukon Territory and the Canadian Border the other day, left me with contradictory and conflicting emotions. On one side I was glad to see the back of such a hideous eyesore and scar on the landscape and constant reminder of man's reliance on dirty fossil fuels. On the other side, the pipeline had been a companion to us, in remote and isolated lands, with nothing but mountains and tundra for hundreds of miles, this incredible feat of engineering guided us South day after day for the first few weeks during times when we felt insecure and alone.


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Deadhorse to the Atigun Pass

Posted by Alex on 13 August 2009

On August 2nd, after a grueling 3:30 am get up and a 6:00 am flight, we finally arrived in Deadhorse in Northern Alaska.


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