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Oaxaca and over the Mountains.

Posted by Alex on 21 January 2010

Like the history of all countries, Mexicos past is infinitely more complex and eventful than the simple dichromatic picture of Aztecs and Spaniards that I entered the country with.


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Recovering some old stories: Climbing to the Paramo in Colombia

Posted by Javier on 12 October 2009

We are still in Manaus, in the Brazilian Amazon. Before leaving for several days without internet I am trying to grasp the last chance: I shall update the blog or abandon it. Somehow I did not manage to do anything else than pedalling, filming, and doing the everyday tasks of a cycling trip. I have almost completely abandonned photography - I have become a photographer of nights and stars, when there is nothing else to do and one can steal some time to the sleep-, I don´t manage to finish some few tasks remaining from my previous job that were due to be sent 2 months ago, and I have not produced any text with reflections, annotations, or plain information about this trip.


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Recuperando viejas historias: la ascension al Paramo Colombiano

Posted by Javier on 12 October 2009

Todavía estamos en Manaos, en la Amazonia Brasileña. Antes de retomar el viaje en zonas sin conexión a internet, he decidido darle una ultima oportunidad al blog: de esta lo retomo definitivamente o lo abandono. Hasta el momento no he sido capaz de hacer otra cosa que pedalear, filmar, y hacer las cosas típcas del dia a dia de un viaje en bici. Casi he abandonado completamente la fotografía- ya sólo me dedico a hacer fotos por la noche cuando hay tiempo que robar al sueño-, no he podido terminar algunas cosas que me faltan por hacer de mi anterior trabajo, y no he producido ningún texto con misreflexiones, anotaciones o simplemente información práctica del viaje.


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First 3 days pedalling

Posted by Javier on 7 August 2009

Our trip really started in Zipaquirá, few kilometers after saying bye to the deepeei crew. It felt nice to feel that from that point onwards we would experience again the nice feeling of not knowing where we were going to sleep, or what would be our precise route. That is the best feeling when you are bike touring: you have no ties other than possibly a flight ticket coming back home or a final destination.


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