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Capturing the images: LaCie rugged external hard drive

Posted by Suzanne on 22 September 2009

Our cyclers don’t just cycle half the globe, they also film it. When we sent our four adventurers into the unknown, we made sure they went on their way well packed. With camping equipment, cameras, laptops and the all important external hard drives to keep their stories safe and sound.

These external hard drives provided by LaCie form an essential part of Going South. Almost every day, despite of torrential rains and rocky mountain paths, the two teams keep video diaries and film their experiences. All this footage needs to be stored somewhere, even when they are in the middle of nowhere with no electricity in sight.

The LaCie rugged external hard drive is made to work and survive in these harsh conditions and surroundings. It has a scratch-protected aluminum shell and shock-resistant rubber bumper. On top of that, it’s rated shock-proof up to 2.2 meters. The LaCie drive plugs into almost any computer anywhere for instant storage and backup and offers high speed of up to 800 Mbits/s.

Each time our film crew goes out to meet the cyclers, we transfer the footage and empty the drives. This continuous cycle will eventually provide us with all the beautiful images, which will make up an essential part of this 13 episode documentary.


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Valdez to Tok

Posted by Alex on 1 September 2009

Arriving in Valdez late on a rainy evening, we were extremely happy to find that a new friend that we had made on the ferry ride had an available spot in their camping allotment. This spared us the need to hunt for a camping spot late at night. It rained all night, but by nine the next morning, after we had packed our soggy tents, the sun slowly started to break through the low lying cloud and mist. From here, we were to head North through the Keystone Canyon and over the Thompson Pass to enter the mountains. 


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Valdez to the Worthington Glacier - Spawning Salmon

Posted by Fin on 27 August 2009

We arrived into a Valdez late in the evening after the 5 hour ferry cruise from Whittier across the Prince William Sound. The whole town immersed in thick cloud and drizzle and was not particularly inviting at all. We could see vague outlines of oil tankers moored up alongside the oil refinery in the distance but it was to far away to see properly. We camped alongside a tour group Trek America - it was good to chat to new people and hear from the English guys in the group that informed  us that England had won the Ashes and beaten the Aussies - I realised how out of touch I had been not knowing this really important moment in sporting history!


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Flying Around Anchorage

Posted by Alex on 23 August 2009

We awoke in Anchorage early on Thursday morning to find a perfectly clear sky and crisp cold air. This being the first clear day in a long time, Ron, our host suggested going for a little flight in his Float plane, a 32 year old Cessna 206, so off we went to the airport, or rather the lake to prepare the plane. After the usual pre flight checks, part of which involved balancing precariously off the end of the floating pontoon, we boarded the plane and taxied to the end of the lake.


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