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Chilly Desert

Posted by Alex on 6 December 2009

Having chosen to cycle East to cross the border into Mexico, we rode across the desert of southern New Mexico, expecting mild temperatures and plenty of sun.


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License to Ride

Posted by Fin on 5 July 2009

Passing through Trapper's Creek I stopped at the World famous store Wall-Mikes.....a rip off of the large chain store selling odd bits and bobs including old licence plates...this one fitted perfectly to the back of my the next town a lady in an overheating truck called out to me, "Hey yo, does the State make you get a licence for your bike when you ride on the highway?", to which I replied, "yes mam, the state troopers stopped me speeding a while back and noted down my licence number...". Everyday since I have been asked the same question! I need to think up some more stupid answers....


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