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Turning South

Posted by Alex on 21 September 2009

Finally heading south, our spirits lifted, even with the incessant rain. The road had changed however, we were no longer on a broad highway extending out of sight on the horizon, the Cassiar Highway was much narrower with no shoulder, winding around and over innumerable hills bordered closely be thick forest. We were also to undergo a kind of initiation right, 25 km of thick and muddy gravel, which brought back traumatic memories of the our first section up on the Dalton highway in Northern Alaska.

After 80km of rain and no views, we were wondering what all the hype was about on this highway, reputedly one of the most stunning rides in Canada… Patience is a virtue. Arriving at Boya lake, we immediately understood, turquoise lakes and stunning mountains appeared seemingly out of nowhere and just got more impressive rounding each bend.

Needless to say the 400km were absolutely stunning, not knowing where to look and how to take it all in, it was awe inspiring. Cycling through this scenery is really the best way to take it all in and appreciate the most. Nevertheless, we still felt the urge to snap away constantly trying to capture the sights, knowing all along that no photo could do the slightest justice to this spectacle. It was worth a try.


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