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Mexico Border Crossing - Change of Plan

Posted by Alex on 9 December 2009


Having arrived in Columbus and planned on crossing the border to Las Palomas, we were slightly thrown by the constant stream of warnings and advice from border patrol officers and anyone we crossed not to cross the border there. It appears that there ahas been a recent increase in violence in the area, and two "Gringos" on bicycles with plenty of easily sold gear would be like hanging the proverbial carrot in front of the "Bandito's" noses.


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See you later, Colombia

Posted by Javier on 13 October 2009

Colombia has been an absolute hit in this trip, I am sure I will keep the same opinion when arriving in Ushuaia. Sadly we planned a short route of barely more than 2 weeks, but the country deserves a long-lenth exclusive cycle trip.


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Hasta pronto, Colombia

Posted by Javier on 13 October 2009

Colombia ha sido uno de los puntos culminantes de este viaje, y estoy seguro de que mantendré la misma opinión al llegar a Ushuaia. Desgraciadamente planeamos una ruta corta de poco mas de 2 semanas, pero Colombia merece un viaje largo en exclusiva.


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