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Mexico Border Crossing - Change of Plan

Posted by Alex on 9 December 2009


Having arrived in Columbus and planned on crossing the border to Las Palomas, we were slightly thrown by the constant stream of warnings and advice from border patrol officers and anyone we crossed not to cross the border there. It appears that there ahas been a recent increase in violence in the area, and two "Gringos" on bicycles with plenty of easily sold gear would be like hanging the proverbial carrot in front of the "Bandito's" noses.


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Chilly Desert

Posted by Alex on 6 December 2009

Having chosen to cycle East to cross the border into Mexico, we rode across the desert of southern New Mexico, expecting mild temperatures and plenty of sun.


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Thanksgiving in Tucson, Arizona

Posted by Fin on 6 December 2009

Alex and I had been dreaming of Tucson for many weeks. There waited the warm hospitality of our fantastic friends Ron and Barb, whom we had stayed with Alaska. Known locally as 'Snow Birds' Ron and Barb like many other Alaskans, flee the cold dark days of Alaska in the winter and head for their holiday home in the desert. It took them 5/6 hours in a plane and Alex and I, 4 months on a bike.


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The North Rim

Posted by Alex on 3 December 2009

Having heard that the Grand Canyon was visible from space, I was already expecting it to be rather larger than a ditch. Walking out of the forest to the viewpoint on the Northern Rim however still blew me away. Just like Death Valley, the sheer size of the spectacle removes you from the human scale and makes you feel like an ant... and a very lucky one at that.


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Cowboys and Indians

Posted by Fin on 3 December 2009

30 miles north of Phoneix, Arizona we found ourselves holed up at a cowboy ranch not far from Lake Pleasant. We took a break from the bikes for a few days and hung out with a real cowboy and girl, Rusty and Betty Hastings who own over 30 horses on a large ranch in the mountains surrounded by huge saguaros cacti and prickley pear. It didnt take Alex and I long to mould into the lifestyle, hanging out during the day, tending to the odd horse or two and sipping whiskey round the camp fire under the stars at night.


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The Grand Canyon

Posted by Fin on 2 December 2009

We spent a few freezing cold nights at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We were lucky to get there as the road should have been covered in snow and closed this time of year. Snow lay scattered in many places but most had melted off the road. It was very cold sleeping at night (down to well below freezing) especially as my tent zip has broken and I've resorted to sleeping out on a tarp under the stars. When the sun came up....Wow! What a view. The video clip below is a hazy sunset where you get the idea...unlike vegas, not a tourist in sight. Wonderful.


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Where did all the water go?...Vegas

Posted by Fin on 28 November 2009

Alex was so disgusted with Vegas that he refused to blog about it. So thanks to Al for some of these photos. After a week in the desert, then running out of food and water, on the last day, cycling into Vegas was a fairly hideous experience. We were appalled at the greed, over consumption and yucky people walking the streets in Vegas. It appears this is the place people go to behave like millionaires for a weekend, before going back to reality to wherever they've come from.


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Memories from the Amazon

Posted by Asa on 26 November 2009

After three weeks in Peru and almost four months now on the bicycle (closing up to half of the trip) I can’t help being astonished by how beautiful and diverse this travel is and has been and how it seems to be better and better all the time!


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Death Valley

Posted by Alex on 26 November 2009

Having only my imagination to guide me, I entered Death Valley expecting along flat area with not much apart from sand, dirt and the odd stone. Just like so many times on this trip, our imagination was put to shame by the beauty of our surroundings. It is quite literally impossible to think up such amazing landscapes. Climbing up our first pass out of Owens Valley the vegetation changes markedly, leaving way to small bushes and the odd cactus. Dusk as casting a golden light on the interminable high plateau that we were climbing onto. Coming to the edge of the plateau, the view that offered itself to us in the evening light was indescribable, if only by the sheer magnitude of the spectacle before us.


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Eastern California

Posted by Alex on 26 November 2009

After the breathtaking scenery of Yosemite, coming down into the desert of Eastern California offered a strong contrast.


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