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Leaving Fairbanks

Posted by Fin on 30 June 2009

So I couldn't leave was just TOO good there. I think if you paid a fortune for a 5 Star remote Alaskan resort it wouldn't even come close to my experience at the McGregor/Ferlito household. If my own personal log cabin wasn't enough, then thoughts of gormet food ( wild salmon, bbq pork)and hot tub spas along with an incredible house to boot, gets you some where close to the experience I had. But what it essentially comes down to, is the incredible generosity and hospitality that this wonderful Alaskan family showed to a complete stranger who simply showed up on their door step for the weekend. It has been a monumental life lesson to me. I only hope I can repay them one day in the future. Off to Denali and Mount McKinley now....


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Leg 1: Arctic Ocean to Fairbanks, Alaska - The Dalton Highway

Posted by Fin on 28 June 2009

What an incredible first 2 weeks...


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North team on the move

Posted by Fin on 25 June 2009

We are on the move now for a couple of days. It's tough going but the progress is OK. We have just passed the Yukon Crossing in Alaska...


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Posted by Fin on 16 June 2009

We fly to Prudhoe in a few hours - all packed up and ready to go.


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Anchorage, countdown

Posted by Fin on 16 June 2009

Three days of prep in Anchorage before our last flight to the Arctic Ocean in the morning - the oil industrial complex of Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay to start the first phase of the cycle - following the Dalton Highway and the Alaskan pipeline down the length of Alaska to first stop Fairbanks....this is by far the toughest part of the journey, it will be cold, it will take ten days,  there will be bears and the road is over 500 miles long, mainly gravel with only one small settlement Coldfoot on the way to Fairbanks...


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One day to go...

Posted by Fin on 11 June 2009

24 hours to go until take off....its been a frantic day but all is well. My SPDs (clip in pedals) and shoes arrived in the post today, just in time to fix them up and try them out before setting off tomorrow. I have no idea why its taken me so long to try them out - they make cycling much more efficient. Big thumbs up from me, then again, ask me when I forget to unclip at a T Junction for the first time...


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Article on Going South in the Daily Telegraph

Posted by Fin on 9 June 2009

Vist the weblink to see the article on Going South.


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Last stages of preparation

Posted by Fin on 6 June 2009

One week to go. Where did all the time go? I haven't stopped since returning from film and camera training witrh the deepeei team in the Netherlands. Today I picked up my bike box and have been practising stripping down my bike for the flights. I head out on Friday morning to Prague where I will meet up with Anna, have a night there then head off Saturday morning to Frankfurt and then onto Seattle and finally Anchorage.


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Ortlieb sponsors us

Posted by Henk-Jan on 29 May 2009

As one of the first sponsors, Ortlieb has agreed on sponsoring this whole event.  That's great news to us. Ortlieb is the manufacturer of really great bike panniers. Durable and verry usable on a trip like this.


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