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Pristine Tropical Rainforests in Costa Rica

Posted by Fin on 1 March 2010

Instead of pedalling directly southeast towards Panama on the Pan American Highway, we took the 'Long Way Round' Southern Costa Rica, through the stunning Osa Penninsula. Unlike Ewen and Charlie however it took us 4 days to do, not 4 hours. There is only one road in and out and then if you are on foot, or bicycle, you can catch a small passenger ferry back to the mainland at Puerto Jimenez. The road was one of our top 3 best cycling experiences of the entire trip. Hardly any cars, just the incredible deafening wildlife of the rainforest for company - Wow those Toucans and Scarlett Macaws were so so amazing. We hit our first tropical down pour of the trip in the rainforest, infact our first rain since the Oregon coast in the States. It was so refreshing as the humidity and strong sun has taken its toll on us. There is a little video here of one of several bridges we had to cross....ignore  my dreadful Arnie impression at the start....


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Costa Rica!

Posted by Fin on 26 February 2010

We stupidly ignored the sound advice and arrived at the Nica / Costa Rica border at 5pm on Sunday Evening...right behind 3 coach loads of tourists and hundreds of locals returning to Costa Rica to work for the week...We queued into the night for our passports to be stamped and pedalled off into pitch darkness a few hours later. The first sign of light was at a gas station, where we promply set up our tents behind petrol pump number ideal first nights accomodation in beautiful Costa Rica.


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Crossing into Rica

Posted by Alex on 20 February 2010

What a contrast... Looking back at our first few blogs up in Alaska and now, 2 weeks and 850 odd km from the end of our trip, I can hardly start to process all that we have seen and experienced. 


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Sustainability in Nicaragua

Posted by Fin on 18 February 2010

Saying a sad goodbye to our cycling companions Emy and Nicholas in Leon, Nicaragua we went off in search for Andrew and Jane Longley of Nuevas Esperanzas, a non for profit organisation working to help rural communities in remote parts of Nicaragua to become more self sufficient and sustainable.


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A special resting time

Posted by Javier on 18 February 2010


Today we woke up in another beautiful place in the beautiful Patagonia. We decided to change to Argentina ten days or so ago, because we got lots of rain in the verdant rainforests of Chile. It paid dividends, since we enjoyed drier conditions in Argentina, but the situation has changed the last days.


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Posted by Asa on 15 February 2010

Hello everybody!

Here everything is going fine. Meanwhile we have reached San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina and we have now officially entered Patagonia. We have just crossed the border from Chile to Argentina for the third time. There are a lot of rearing crystalline clear and icy cold rivers and impressive forests in Chile. The weather was very bad most of the time though with heavy clouds and rain preventing us from seeing and enjoying the white tipped Volcanoes that we had came for so unfortunately we spent much less time in the beautiful Araucanía then planned.


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The Central Four

Posted by Alex on 13 February 2010

Since leaving the Film Crew in Antigua, things have accelerated dramatically, hopping from one country to another in a matter of days instead of weeks.


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Hopping across Southern Honduras and into Nicaragua

Posted by Fin on 13 February 2010

We continued south from El Salvador into Southern Honduras with Nicholas and Emi. Travelling with them had been such a pleasure in El Salvador that we found excuses for it to continue as long as possible. By now border crossings had become a bit of a routine. Starting with a stop a few kms before the border to film, followed by the hectic bombardments of requests to change money from street exchange vendors, some anxiety at the immigration, followed by a hassle free passport stamping and immense satisfaction of making it into another wonderful country to explore.


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packing up memories with Ortlieb

Posted by Suzanne on 10 February 2010

Thinking about what to bring on an 8000 km bike ride makes my mind boggle. Tents, sleeping bags, food, music, books, medical kits, bike repair kits, water filters and visas hastily fly around my cerebral cortex without so much as a touch-down. With all that folded, cramped and wrapped around a bike, I guess it’s rather unlikely there’s room for favorite outfits. Just a couple of socks, underwear, pants, t-shirts and sweaters will make sure that maximum baggage weight and space has been reached. But enter into that a Dutch production crew who hands you some cameras and external disks to document your adventures. How on earth are you going to make sure you and your gear are going to make it through unharmed?


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Guatemala's Volcanoes

Posted by Alex on 9 February 2010

True to my usual fashion, I am always one step behind Fin on the blogging front, except that this time, I am actually three counties behind. Yesterday we crossed into Nicaragua, a good 700km south of where these photos were taken. I was too busy getting pummeled by the waves in El Salvador, and our fleeting stint through Honduras was internet free... so here it is. Our trip up the Volcan de Pecaya...


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