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  • Team North America

    Alex & Fin

    Alex and Fin start their journey of a lifetime
    on their bikes in Deadhorse Alaska on
    August 2nd and aim to end it in Panama City in
    March 2010.

    Next to the tight time schedule and physical challenge  they are both extremely excited to be sharing this wonderful adventure together.

    Alex and Fin first met in 2001 when they were both working on a coral reef conservation project in Fiji. They lived and worked in Yadua Island for many months to survey the marine ecosystems.

    For the preparation they were physically a long way from each other, but skype and internet made things a lot easier. Both share a huge passion for cycling and sustainability although they have their own special interests.
    Alex Godfrey was born in southern England but grew up in France. After school he travelled around the South Pacific working on a number of environmental projects. While Fin grew up in the UK, he started off helping local schools to become 'eco-schools', his Masters degree in Tropical Coastal Management, brought him some of the most remote areas over the world.

    Arriving in Panama City they will cycle an impressive 8132 miles through Alaska, the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

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  • Team South America

    Åsa & Javier

    Åsa and Javier start their journey on 23th of July in Bogota, Colombia, and aim to end their journey in Ushuaia, Argentina on March the 12th.

    Åsa and Javier met while exchanging routes and cycling experiences on the Internet. When Javier looked for companionship on his travel to Jordan and Egypt in 2002, Åsa happily replied. Since then Åsa and Javier are a couple and have cycled extensively in Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2003 they decided to cycle Asia for a whole year, in which they went from Indonesia to China and India.

    Both have been dreaming on repeating the experience while dedicating more time to learn about the rapid social and environmental changes the World is experiencing. Going South comes just in time, and this time they will cycle South America, a continent where they have strong roots.

    Arriving in Ushuaia they will have cycled around 10.000 miles through Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

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