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A special resting time

Posted by Javier on 18 February 2010


Today we woke up in another beautiful place in the beautiful Patagonia. We decided to change to Argentina ten days or so ago, because we got lots of rain in the verdant rainforests of Chile. It paid dividends, since we enjoyed drier conditions in Argentina, but the situation has changed the last days.

It is still drier than in Chile, since we are in the rain shadow of the Andes (the clouds come from the Pacific in the West), but it is raining now and will continue like that for at least 4 days more. It is coldish also.

So in a sudden decission after checking the map we decided to visit Peninsula Valdes, one of the very best places in the World to observe penguins, whales, sea lions and sea elephants. It is just a night far by bus . We still have to decide if we leave the bikes here or if we put them in the bus with us. The first option would leave us freedom for moving there between the several faunal observatories, the second would allow us to just pick up a couple of beaches and let us enjoy the fauna around us while doing nothing. Uhm...we don´t know yet.

In any case we will resume the bike trip from the same place in Patagonia (Esquel) in about 4-5 days from now, hopefully in better weather conditions. We have ridden 12146 Km till now, and I guess we will reach about 14500 Km in Ushuaia. This leaves us with a tight schedule for the next weeks, in cold and windy areas of Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

We will worry about that little detail later, for now we just aim to enjoy the +20 C of the coast and the gorgeous wildlife of Peninsula Valdes.

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  • Hallo Asa! Wir haben von dem Erdbeben gehört. Bitte meldet euch schnell, ob es euch gut geht!
    In der Hoffnung, daß es euch gut geht, Larissa und Momo

    Posted by Larissa on 28/02/2010 9:15pm (8 years ago)

  • Alejandra and I met Javier and Asa yesterday in Pto Madryn. We had an enlightening and exciting talk. I find both the journey and the project inspiring and hope the film can reach many people around the world. Although as a local I am a little ashamed with what is going on on our coasts I hope you can document the disturbance that the seashore has been sustaining for about 15 years now. The masive introduction of 4x4's and cuads and the lack of good, applicable environmental laws has produced these changes. The trouble is most of us are still not even aware it is happening....
    Safe trip down to Usuahia!!!

    Posted by Damian on 20/02/2010 12:16pm (8 years ago)

  • Great to hear you chose for the good life for the moment :). I would love to be at that place and take in all the beauty but we need to prepare for the next trip. At the moment it is a minus two degrees and rainy day in Amsterdam. It is one of the better days right now ;). I will love to see the footage you will collect over there.

    Enjoy the rest of your journey.


    Posted by Milan on 19/02/2010 6:35pm (8 years ago)

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