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A hike with the bike

Posted by Åsa on 10 April 2010

Soon after we left the maritime wonderland at Peninsula Valdez we entered another astonishing area. We crossed the Andes at Futalufu and started out on the among cyclists and adventurers legendary Carretera Austral. I had feared this stretch of the trip as autumn was already in the air and the area is known for beeing extremely cold and rainy.

This "highway" made by Pinochet runs about 1,200 kilometers from Puerto Montt to Villa O´Higgins through beautiful, wild and green chilean Patagonia. Many times we had the feeling that we were riding through a jungle while trespassing this cold rainforest. The frogs were responsable for the "tropical" sounds and the mosquitoes were much more abundant then at any day in the Amazon. The lush green forest and the fog really gave you the feel of jungle.


My fears were proven unnecessary and the ride on the Carretera Austral turned out to become one of the most memorable and enjoyable rides of the whole trip. I kept surprising myself by deeply appreciating the loneliness and the quiet nature. It is far between the villages and the people are tranquil. Something that really helped in appreciating the chilean Patagonia was that we were extremely lucky with the weather. We had sun and clear blue sky day after day!


The bordercrossing between Chile and Argentina at the end of the Carretera was a nice desert. With boat and trail we needed two days to reach the road again in Calafate. It was a great adventure in magnificent nature, glaciers and reddening magellanic forest. The funniest bordercrossing in the trip too, when pushing the branches to the side, almost not able to see the track at times suddenly to be greeted welcome to Argentina!



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  • Hey Javier! How you doing? Back in Europe? Lemme know.

    Posted by Quinn Burke on 15/04/2010 5:00pm (8 years ago)

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